Behind the Scenes: A sneak peek

The new Spring Summer 2019 Collection is nearly here - and I'm the first to admit it's been a long time coming.  I haven't launched any new cushions or throws for almost 2 years, and many of those lines are now out of stock.
This can be blamed almost entirely on my Spring 16 and Summer 17 launches - 2 little boys within 14 months. But...normal service is starting to resume and this year I am planning to bring you not one, but three, new collections.
But I'd like to talk Spring Summer 2019 right now, and share with you a few images from behind the scenes.

Last Summer we spent a few days in Brooklyn, and I was drawn, as ever, to the manmade colours and shapes that sit together, often in such suprising harmony.  Colours that you might not expect to work together just do - and colours you might not think to put together have just happened. 

I was excited by the shapes created by excerpts of grafitti and the softness of the torn edges around layers of fly-posts.  I began to draw the shapes and play around with them - re-collaging the ideas until I created compostions I was happy with.

You can see the 9 designs on the left are pretty organic looking. Well, that just didn't translate in the knitting process.  So it was back to the drawing board, to simply the shapes and the compositions right down.  This particular design, on the right, is a simplied version of the design in the middle row - it takes one of the circles, one of the triangles and instead of two circles, we have two blocks.  And a better looking cushion!

New samples laid out on the kitchen table and it's time to whittle down the colour ways.

At the time of creating a new range, it's hard to know what will still be in stock from the current collection, but for me it's crucial to look at them together - to achieve a balance of flow and 'newness'.  I want my customers to be able to add to their existing collection of Sophie Home cushions and throws, and I want them to be excited by new ideas too.

As I write, production is wrapping up. As soon as the new stock arrives it'll be a race against time to get it photographed, on the website and out to stockists!

You'll be able to spot then which designs and colourways got dropped too... and, hopefully, it won't be your favourite...


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